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This page contains information about Troop 230 activities and events. To learn more about event, click the name of the event and a description of the event will pop up.  To close the description, click the event again.

  • OA Winter Banquet
    •     This is an annual event where members of the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge gather for an evening of recognitions for past achievements of Order of the Arrow members.  In addition to Quality Chapter awards, the Honor Arrowman of the Year is announced.  This Banquet is open to OA members and their families.  The dinner usually starts at 6 pm and is held the third weekend of January.
  • Polar Bear Campout
    •     This is a 20 hour challenge to see if Scouts can survive camping and living out in the winter cold.  To qualify, the scout must campout for a 20 hour period when the temperature is below 30 degrees without going inside.  The troop campouts in the snow and cooks all of its meals outdoors during the campout.  Some Scouts sleep in tents, others have constructed shelters with pine branches and others have been known to sleep in a snow shelter.  OKPIK training is good preparation for this event.
  • Klondike Derby
    •     This is annual event that occurs in the winter usually in February.  The Scouts use klondike sleds and by patrols go through several stations that challenge them on Scout skills from fire building, knot tying, winter survival and rescue, animal tracks, map reading, and first aid.  The event usually last 4 - 6 hours and is held on a Saturday morning.
  • Venture Kick Back Weekend
    •     This event is for Venture Scouts only (must be in high school).  It usually takes place at Camp Gerber during the winter.  During the weekend, the Scouts cross-country ski, snow shoe, ice fishing, ice wall climbing, cope challenges, and shooting sports.
  • Cabin Campout
    •     This annual event is held at Indian Trails Camp.  The Camp has several cabins and a conference center.  The Troop usually uses this weekend to invite Webelos Scouts and their parents to attend the event so they can check out the Troop.  The facility has an indoor pool.  Depending on the weather, the Scouts go sledding, skiing, and ice fishing during the weekend.
  • Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee
    •     This event is held every year on Mother's Day weekend in Dorchester, Ontario.  The event includes over 4,000 participants from Canada, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania.  During the weekend, the Scouts mingle with Scouts from the region and participate in over 100 activities from crafts to canoeing to car smashing (5 minutes with a sledge hammer and an old vehicle).  The troop leaves on Friday morning (10 am) and returns on Sunday evening (6 pm). 
  • OA Section Conclave
    •     This annual event is held in April.  On a rotating basis, different Lodges in Michigan host a weekend of training, games, and brotherhood at their summer camps.  All food is cooked and served by the hosting Lodge.  There are no work projects.  Annual elections for the Section are held on Saturday.
  • OA Spring Conclave
    •     This annual event is held at Camp Gerber in May.  During this weekend, Order of the Arrowmen get the camp ready for summer camp.  Among the projects are putting in the docks at the water front, cleaning up the campsites, painting new buildings, and doing annual maintenance.  The Lodge holds its annual election of officers at the conclave.  All meals are cooked and served by Lodge staff in the mess hall.  Arrowmen stay at various campsites with their Chapters.
  • Mackinaw Island Honor Guard
    •     During the month of June, selected Troop members are invited to join Scouts from other Troops from the Grand Rapids area to perform a week of service on Mackinaw Island.  During the week, the Scouts stand various post at the Fort to assist visitors and attend to raising and lower the flags on the Island.  To attend the Scouts require two full sets of uniforms (long sleeve shirt & dress pants and short sleeve shirt & shorts).  This is truly a memorable Scout event and is open only to older Scouts.  Gerald R. Ford was one of the first Scouts to serve as an Honor Guard.  The Scouts stay at the Scout Barracks behind the Fort for the week of duty.   
  • Summer Camp - Gerber Scout Camp
    •     For eights weeks each summer, the Council offers a summer camp for Scouts.  The troop stays in a designated camp site.  During the week, the Scouts take part in various activities and work on merit badges.  All meals are prepared and served in the mess hall by camp staff.  A physical is required to attend.  The cost for the week is approximately $400.  On Wednesday, there is an open house and families are invited to attend dinner with the troop at their campsite and attend the evening campfire when OA tap outs are conducted.
  • High Adventure Trip
    •     Each year, the Troop organizes an outing to various areas of the country.  In the past, the Troop has gone to Isle Royale, Rocky Mountain National Park, Washington, DC, and Arizona.  The activities have ranged from white water rafting, backpacking, horseback riding, to touring the national monuments in Washington, DC.  The destination and activities are selected by the Scouts.  Because of the range and duration of the trips, only mature Scouts are invited on these trips.
  • OA Fall Conclave
    •     This OA event is held at Camp Gerber in August.  During the weekend, the Arrowmen close the camp down for the summer.  As expected the work chores involve removing the docks from the waterfront, fixing anything broken during the summer, and splitting wood for the winter.  Meals are cooked and served in the mess hall by the Lodge staff.  This is a great get together for the Scouts to celebrate the end of summer and look forward to another school year.
  • Mackinaw Island Rendezvous
    •     This is a bi-annual event conducted by the GR Ford Council.  It occurs in September during the same weekend that the Michigan GOP is conducting their fall convention.  Approximately 1,000 Scouts from the Council head north to St. Ignace to camp.  On Saturday, the entire group goes to the Island for a day of activities from biking, sightseeing, to eating fudge.  On Saturday night, a show is presented by the Council.  Lunch is usually provided on the Island by the Council.






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