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How do I become an Eagle Scout?

The Eagle rank is the highest rank in Boy Scouts.  Less than 2% of the boys that join Boy Scouts reach the rank of Eagle.  While rank is part of our program - it is not the primary focus of our program.  However, most of our Scouts that stay in the program for three years, attend Troop meeting and outings, and participate in our Junior Leadership Training - do become Eagle Scouts. 

To become an Eagle Scout, a scout, at a minimum, must earn twenty-one (21) merit badges, be a leader in the troop, and complete an Eagle project.  Out of the 21 merit badges, the Scout must earn 12 required merit badges (First Aid, Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, Environmental Science, Citizenship in the Nation, Personal Fitness, Swimming, Citizenship in the World, Camping, Personal Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Communications).   As a Life Scout, the Scout must serve in a position of responsibility for six months.  While he is a Life Scout, the Scout must plan, develop, and give leadership in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or his community.  Finally, once he has completed all of the requirements, he needs to complete his Eagle Scout application and appear before a Board of Review conducted by his District Advancement Committee.

The achievement of Eagle Scout is a recognition that a boy will keep the rest of his life and will tell everyone of his accomplishments as a youth.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

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