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What does it cost to be a Scout? 

The Troop charges annual dues of Fifty dollars ($50).  This costs pays for the national dues ($12), subscription to Boys Life ($10), and emblems/awards for your son.  The cost of outings is a separate charge based on the event.  Each Scout is required to purchase his own uniform.  As a minimum, the Troop requires each Scout to have a Class A shirt.

Fund Raisers

However, in an effort to help all families pay for the cost of Scouting and teach the boys financial responsibility, the Troop participates in many fund raising events.  In addition to the annual popcorn sale, the Troop has developed several fund raisers to help the Scouts pay their own way.  For every fund raiser that the Scout participates in, the proceeds from the fund raiser are split between the Troop and the Scout.  The troop maintains a separate account for each Scout. The Scout can use the money in his account to pay for Scouting activities or to purchase Scout equipment. 

One of the easiest ways to financially support the Troop is to renew your magazine subscriptions through the Troop.  The profits from the magazine sale go directly to your son's account.  For more information, see the link on the Home page or click here.

In the past, most Scouts have earned enough money through the year to pay for their summer camp cost.



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