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How do I earn my Tenderfoot? 

The Boy Scouts of America believes that a Scout should receive recognition for his achievements.  The requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class prepare Scouts to take full advantage of all that Scouting has to offer. Earning merit badges allows them to explore many professions and occupations that may become rewarding careers, and activities that may spark lifelong interests.  The ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle requires the Scout to focus on service to others and developing leadership skills.

Rank Advancement

Specific requirements for each rank are located in the Scout Handbook.  There are on-line video instructional materials for Tenderfoot through First Class available.  In Troop 230, the requirements for Tenderfoot though First Class are taught during the Troop meetings and during outings.  If a Scout participates in the Troop meetings and attends the camp outs, he usually will reach the rank of First Class in nine months.  If a Scout ever has a questions about his requirements, the Scoutmaster can provide him a printout of his advancement.  The troop uses Troopmaster software to keep track of advancement.

Merit Badge

Advancement to the ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle requires several merit badges.  Before a Scout can start work on a merit badge, he needs to fill out a "blue card" and have it approved by the Scoutmaster.  The Scout will then work with a merit badge counselor, who has been approved by the Gerald R. Ford Council, to review and complete the requirements for the merit badge.  After the Scout has completed the requirements, the merit badge counselor will sign off on the "blue card", and the Scout will give the Troop's portion of the "blue card" to the Scoutmaster for recording.




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