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A Scout is Reverent.

Not only is this part of the Scout Law but in the Scout Oath, Scouts pledge that they will do their duty to God.  The Boy Scouts of America believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.

Accordingly, we try to instill a sense of reverence and duty to our creator in our Troop program. Every troop meeting ends with the "Scoutmaster's Benediction" and every Troop Court of Honor begins and ends with a prayer.  We also encourage grace before every meal.

Youth Religious Awards 

There are religious awards available for most major denominations. These religious awards are recognized by (though not sponsored by) the Boy Scouts of America.  As such they are eligible to be worn on scout uniforms.  These awards require a fair amount of dedicated effort, supervised by a counselor approved by your church's pastor.  For more information on the awards offered by the various denominations, see Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (PRAY) or the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS).

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