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This is one of the cabins at Ohiopyle State Park.  The porch came in handy for playing Risk and cards in the evening.


The Troop went caving at Laurel Caverns.  This is an undeveloped cave so the only light that you had was your personal headlamp.  In order to get through some of the passages, we had to crawl on our stomachs.  Many of the passages had water running through them.  This is how we look at the end of three hours with dirt ground into our pants, shirts, and shoes.
During the troop's whitewater trip down the Lower Youghiogheny River, several of the Scouts had to be rescued after falling out of the rafts.  Ask Mr. Wilson about Dimple Rock.
After your raft gets flipped at Dimple Rock, you get to go through these whitewater rapids if you don't get pulled out.
A view of the many whitewater rapids of the Lower Youghiogheny River in the Ohiopyle State Park.
One the last day of our trip, the troop went to Cedar Point where the Scouts had to try out the Dragster Ride.  The ride consist of shooting the car up the track and over the top and down the loop.  The ride lasts an entire 22 seconds.


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